StickyBits Optically Clear Mount Film

StickyBits Optically Clear Mount Film
Optically Clear Mount Film
Technical Data Sheet


Product Description

  • 25mic polyester film which is double side coated with a solvent, acrylic adhesive
  • The product is ultra clear
  • It is for a pressure sensitive application

Release Liner

  • The adhesive is protected by a twin release filmic liner that is easy to remove
  • The twin release liner is 36mic

Application Temperature (guide only)

  • 5ºc – 50ºc

End Use Temperature (guide only)

  • -30ºc – +70ºc

Shelf Life

  • 2 years when stored at 15ºc – 25ºc


  • This product will give excellent performance with outdoor exposure for up to 2 years
  • The durability only relates to the film but not to the colours of the print
  • Applying the product inside will increase the durability values of the film